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Since the Brooklyn Nets made their big trade to team up James Harden with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, there’s been plenty of curiosity about how they will fit together. The Super Brooklyn Nets are probably the most sought after team in the league right now. But it’s also clear that with three players of this caliber, there will be these individual, supernova takeover moments, and on some nights, that might make all the difference.

Through six games with Harden — Durant has played in five of those, and Irving in four — the trio is averaging a combined 85.0 points per game — 32.2 for Durant, 29.8 for Irving, and 23.0 for Harden.

Words from the Boss

“That’s the way this team is built,” said Nets head coach Steve Nash. “We went for it and have three great offensive players. Any given night it can be any one of them. Those guys also make each other and their teammates better by the attention they draw, so it’s about trying to find that collective threat; ball-moving, a lot of spatial awareness, understanding, and making each other better collectively. ”

Since the Irving – Durant – Harden trio came together in Harden’s third game as a Net, the three-time NBA scoring champion has been comfortable in a facilitator role. He is attempting just 19 shots (22.3 per game last season) in total over his last two games. He’s averaging 11.3 assists per game as a Net, leading the league with 10.8 per game for the full season. Harden is starting and finishing games alongside Durant and Irving, but also, logging significant minutes as the ringleader for a second unit that is still finding its way.

Despite a couple of surprising defeats to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Super Brooklyn Nets are playing well. The real question is, whether they can make the NBA finals this year?

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