A Lifesaving Trade

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Taking part in the blockbuster trade could cause effects for Caris LeVert more important than basketball in general. His move from the Brooklyn Nets to Indiana Pacers (via the Houston Rockets) could be a lifesaving trade.

A physical test conducted as a part of the deal revealed that LeVert has a small mass on his left kidney. According to his statement, he didn’t even know that anything was wrong and that he is humbled to know that this trade could save him in the long run. “A lot of things crept through my mind,” LeVert said. “I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know the next steps; I didn’t know if the trade was going to go through.”

He also thanked the Pacers for sticking with him and supporting him. The Indiana Pacers released this statement after the diagnosis, saying that LeVert would be out indefinitely. Caris said that he did not yet know if the mass was cancerous or not. Those results were still pending.

The Nets have signed him to a three-year, $52.5 million extension before last season. LeVert averaged 18.7 PPG and 4.4 APG last season. He was at 18.5 points along with six dimes this year.

Securing his future and health is the most important thing for Caris LeVert, as he said. Indeed, a lifesaving trade will definitely improve his chances to get back to full health quickly, and we hope he will be back on the court very soon.

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