End of Kevin Porter Jr. Saga

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to either trade or release Kevin Porter Jr. after his outburst on Friday night. His behavior goes beyond any acceptable limits, so it appears that we will see the end of Kevin Problem Jr. saga in the coming days.

Kevin Porter Jr. went wild on Friday night after realizing that the Cavs gave his old locker to Taurean Prince, who came to Cleveland as a part of a blockbuster four-team trade that occurred last week. Porter’s locker was moved to the wall where the younger, end-of-bench players reside. He began yelling and, at one point, threw food. It is not the first time someone throws food in the Cavs locker room, but J.R. Smith was a bit older and more important for the team than Kevin is now.

Cleveland’s GM Koby Altman entered the room and confronted KPJ, but the player remained combative with his boss too. After hearing the noise, head coach J.B.Birkenstaff came from his office and stood disgusted by what he heard and saw.

After this incident, the Cavs worked through the whole weekend on the trade for a young wingman. If there is no team interested to trade for this second-year player, he will be released.

Kevin Porter Jr. has no games played this season due to personal reasons. Last season he averaged 10 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 2.2 APG while shooting 44.2 percentage from the field. Those are pretty good stats for the rookie, but his behavior will end his career earlier than expected. It’s sad for such a young and talented player, but it seems that the end of Kevin Problem Jr. saga will not do him any good in the future.

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