LeBron James signs with Pepsi

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After seventeen years with Coca-Cola, LeBron James signs with Pepsi, the news that surprised many. According to the sources, he is supposed to promote a Mountain Dew brand, one of the main NBA’s sponsors since 2015, when PepsiCo took over as the league’s official beverage partner.

King James’ deal with Coca-Cola started in 2003, a summer before his rookie season. The company joined Nike and Upper-Deck as his endorsement partners. The Coke deal expired last year when the two sides were unable to extend the contract.

Through the years, James had his flavor of the Powerade and version of Sprite. LeBron was also the main leader of the Coca-Cola marketing campaign, alongside Yao Ming, for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Besides, his first TV commercial was for Sprite in 2003.

We now know that LeBron James signs with Pepsi, but the details of the deal are still unknown, but it was undoubtedly an arrangement that will cost the company a lot. Forbes lists James as the top active NBA player in endorsement earnings. He makes an estimated $50 million per year and often demands equity in companies that he works with. Still, Pepsi has confirmed that this price is a worthy investment, and has now secured the services of one of the greatest sportsman of all time.

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