Kelly Oubre extorted for three million by his ex-girlfriend

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Kelly Oubre extorted by his ex-girlfriend is the news we could see around the NBA these last few days. Kelly Oubre Jr, a 25-year old small forward from the Golden State Warriors, claims that his ex-girlfriend tried to extort him for three million dollars. Accordingly, Makena LeDuff called him on January 11th, 2021, demanding him to give her money or else she will launch a smudge campaign against him.

It is not the first time that Oubre files the suit against his ex-girlfriend. For the first time, it was back in 2019, when she refused to leave his house on Beverly Hills, slashed his tires, and stole his dogs – Soul and Saint. After this, Kelly said that LeDuff became a real nightmare after a breakup. This time he did it again out of fear because she threatened with “the evidence of him connected with criminal milieu” which would destroy Oubre’s reputation and career.

Back in 2019, Makena has posted a photo on social media wherein caption she threatened Kelly, his friends, or anyone who would try to help him enter his house and reclaim his properties with physical actions.

Kelly Oubre demands from a judge to force Makena LeDuff to pay for the things she already destroyed and to declare him as a real owner of his dogs. Ex first-round pick hopes to take back his house and his beloved pets and get rid of her once and for all.

Did problems with his ex-girlfriend affect Oubre’s displays?

After this Kelly Oubre extorted by his ex-girlfriend news came up, a simple question also comes to mind – Are this girl and her torture the main reason for Oubre’s bad start of the season? After signing up for the Warriors, Oubre is playing awful basketball. By averaging only 11.1 PPG on 35% shooting and 5.5 3PTA with just 1.1 3PTM, it’s evident that he has some serious problems outside of the basketball court. This extortion could be an escalation of the problems he is constantly having with this girl, and his bad mood on the floor is also due to her. After solving the issue with help of the US Court, the talented wingman will be able to come back to his form from the last season. The outcome will be clear very soon.

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