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Can Pirlo outsmart his former manager?

As I already talked about the rest of the week-end action on the last episode, I decided to give a little bit more focus to the Serie A.

Just like Liverpool vs Manchester United is the game in the PL, Inter hosting Juventus is THE game in Serie A.

In this latest episode, I give some thoughts previewing this clash. I give some thoughts also about this tactical battle asking the question: Can Pirlo outsmart Conte?

Inter vs Juventus: Can Pirlo outsmart his former boss??!

Pirlo's Juve takes shape: the model is … Count! | First page | Italy24 News  English
Student vs “Stubborn” Master!!

Well, In my opinion the answer is pretty clear; he can.

Andrea Pirlo, relatively inexperienced, is learning the trade quickly. He seems more flexible than Conte despite a slow start to his managerial life.

As he adapted to life as a manager, he varied his playing tactics between 3-5-2 and 3-4-3 and 4-2-3-1, but he is now comfortable with a dynamic 4-4-2 that suits his squad.

On the other side, Antonio Conte hasn’t felt as stagnant as he does now. the hashtag “#ConteOut” started trending in Italy already after the disappointing results against Sampdoria and Roma.

He is a stubborn coach, without a doubt. Thus, the media simply jumped on his back with the latest results. His insistence on a defensive 3-5-2 and focusing solely on Lukaku upfront damaged his team.

Not only that, he also “killed” Christian Eriksen’s career dead. Conte seems to ignore the Danish player as well as other offensive minded players, in favor of the likes of Gagliardini and Kolarov.

Based on that, I think the answer to the question: Can Pirlo outsmart Conte? is easy; He can, and probably he will.

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