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The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing very well at the moment. Their main problem is a big amount of injured players. But not all of them who are not playing are injured. From the season start, the Cavs have one question that makes a lot of noise between fans and on social media – What’s wrong with Kevin Porter Jr., or should I call him Kevin PROBLEM Junior?

Troubles with the law

It is well-known that Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested and charged for improper handling of a firearm and misdemeanor possession of marijuana in late November last year. He headed to the Cavaliers training camp in his new Mercedes-Benz. Inside the vehicle, the officers found a loaded .45-caliber handgun and marijuana. Later on, both charges were dropped against him with no interference from the club.

Coach still has Porter’s back

On the first day of the training camp, the Cavs head coach J. B. Bickerstaff stated that his belief in Porter didn’t diminish; he called him a franchise cornerstone before the incident.

“We have a high interest in human beings and not just basketball players, so we do what we can to make sure that guys are growing, guys are maturing and guys are becoming what we expect them to be and reach their potential, not just as basketball players, but as people. We’ll continue to work with all of our guys in that direction” –  Bickerstaff also said. It means that Kevin PROBLEM Junior has some real issues in his head. Those are things that the media speculated on just before a draft night. This could be the main reason why one of the greatest talents in the class almost missed the first round. By selecting Porter, the Cavs took the risk and responsibility for this young player.

No sign of Porter

While their team is heavily hit by injuries of the frontcourt, every Cavs fan expected that the club will force Kevin to play but it’s not what happened. Keeping him out while they played well at the season beginning, and keeping him out in the period when they lost four of the last five games says a lot about the Cavs and their plans for Porter. It is not an injury; there is no exact timeframe and no reason to provide a regular update of his status until it changes, so the team keeps his status as „personal“.

Meanwhile, we can all see that Kevin Porter jr. is using his Instagram profile daily while hanging around in Seattle. That means he is not practicing, and that makes his situation even more complicated. His teammates went through the training camp and are 13 games deep into the NBA season. Porter has a lot of work to do to catch up with the rest of the team when he gets back to playing for the Cavs. Porter was present for the team’s offseason bubble minicamp but that’s all. So, when he returns, he’ll be fairly behind his teammates and will have to work himself back into shape. All of this while learning Bickerstaff’s new offensive and defensive systems over time.

The date of his return remains unknown. There are some speculations about his trade, but nothing is confirmed by the team. Although he displayed some amazing skills last season, what team can accept the risk of adding Kevin PROBLEM Junior to its roster and wait for him to overcome his problems? Time will tell.

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