NBA Game Previews for January 10th

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In a hell called COVID-19, no one gets left out, not even the NBA League. While some rosters are halved because of the virus, the others have managed to stay safe. How it will affect tonight’s events – you can find out in my NBA Game Previews.

Utah Jazz @ Detroit Pistons

The game in the Motor City should be a comfortable victory for any team that comes to play here. The Pistons have some good players who display outstanding performances from the start of the season. First of all, Jerami Grant. This young forward is playing on an All-Star level, and he will surely take part in the MIP award race. While he is playing a season of his career, the other Pistons are faceless. This should not be a tough task for the Jazz, who finally got their game. Bojan Bogdanovic is playing nicely, while Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are doing their job on the highest level. I expect the margin to be above 10 points at least.

Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Clippers

After a disgraceful loss to the Warriors, the Clippers have their chance to make amends. Both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will play tonight. I assume that they will give their best to win over the Bulls tonight. If the Bulls have “their night” and knock down the shots in adequate percentages, Chicago can be a difficult obstacle for any team in the league. Tonight I expect that the Clippers will manage to defend the rim properly, and Leonard will show why he is a so-called best two-way player in the NBA. If you are looking for a fantasy player for tonight, the Klaw is your man. The winner of tonight’s game should be the home squad, while I expect a bunch of buckets.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Brooklyn Nets

This encounter is very specific. This should be a duel between an underdog and a title contender, but after three weeks, the record of the teams says even number of wins and losses. The odds say that the advantage is on the home side. In my opinion, though, the Thunder have their chances. The reason why I think so is Shai Gligeous-Alexander. He is extremely motivated every game and is the only constant player on the team. The second reason is – Oklahoma has a better defensive rating than Brooklyn, and without the home team’s top scorers, that will be enough for a tight but valuable victory.

Denver Nuggets @ New York Knicks

In the last night’s blowout win over the 76ers, the Nuggets’ starters played effectively only about 20 minutes each. Tonight, the clash should be more interesting and should give Nikola Jokic and co. a harder obstacle to overcome. The visitors are playing very well, but they are still looking for a positive record. The number of points in tonight’s contest depends on how good Paul Millsap will manage to defend Julius Randle and whether the Nuggets have good percentages in shooting from beyond the arc. If Randle enters his beast mode and Denver to score at least 35% of 3-point shots, this match will go beyond 250 points for sure. There shouldn’t be a dilemma about the winner, but I can write off the Knicks with ease.

Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics

For the next game in my NBA Game Previews, I will write about an Eastern Conference derby. It should be a must-watch, but the Celtics’ roster is deeply wounded by the virus. All the big guys except Daniel Theis and Tacko Fall will miss the tilt. After getting this information, everyone would expect an easy victory for the visitors. It is a great chance for the Heat to win and finally get to a positive record. There is a slight chance that Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro will chase an NBA three-point made record tonight, so the number of points will be massive, and the difference will be at least a dozen.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets

King James had come to Texas to test a possible playoff rival when they have all the players available. This will be the first of two back-to-back games between the two. I reckon this one will be a real battle for the West. Both squads will go for victory. The Lakers are 7th in defensive rating in the whole league, while the Rockets are not that good (16th). The defense indeed won’t be a deciding factor for tonight’s victor. Everyone, including me, expects an all-around display from LeBron James, and James Harden to let his beast out. If this happens, this game will become a real show. Every outcome is possible, so let’s not bother about predictions and just enjoy watching the match.

San Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota Timberwolves

The only b2b game of the night. Although Karl-Anthony Towns came back, the Spurs managed to win in overtime last night. DeMar DeRozan showed why he is an All-Star and what he is capable of once again. The Wolves put in all they had, but it was enough only for the OT. I don’t think it will finish the same way tonight. While everyone is talking about KAT and D-Lo, Anthony Edwards constantly shows why he was the first pick of this year’s draft. Averaging 15.6 PPG, 2.6 RPG, and 2.1 APG as a backup, he displays his immense talent. A different outcome than the Spurs’ win is equal to the miracle regardless of how good the Wolves’ offense is. Gregg Popovich’s tactic will prevail easily.

Toronto Raptors @ Golden State Warriors

For the last clash in my NBA Game Previews, I selected this inter-conference showdown. A week ago, this game would’ve been called “a clash of the underdogs”, but now we have a different situation. Steph Curry turned on his MVP mode, and he is leading his team in every aspect of the game. He literally wins the games alone. Tonight the Warriors host the Raptors, who don’t look at themselves at the moment. They play the better defense, but no one can stop Curry in this mood. Draymond Green and James Wiseman will have one task for tonight – slow down the opposite attacks and grab all rebounds you can. If the Raptors don’t manage to find their team game, which was their trademark through past seasons, they will face another loss, 8th in ten games.

It was my NBA Game Previews for today. I hope it helped you to pick your fantasy team, at least. Thanks for reading, and cheers.

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