Football Quiz: Top 10 Goalscorers From Direct Free-Kicks

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We all remember some phenomenal goals from direct free-kicks that we witnessed throughout the years. Some of them were out of this world and still much alive in our memory. But, can you name all Top 10 goalscorers from direct free-kicks??? Test your knowledge and give it a go and try our latest Football Quiz!!!

This time around, you have 3 minutes to give 10 correct answers, and remember, wrong answers will not bring you negative points :). It’s a way easier than the 20 Oldest Football Clubs in the World quiz we created earlier, so I am sure you’ll do a good job!

To make things even more easier, you don’t have to write full names of the players. All you have to do is to type their surnames and your answer (if correct, of course) will be accepted!

Hope you ready to go, so let’s cut this chat and start typing now!!! Good luck!!!

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