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Should they sack Frank Lampard?!

It seems like a messy situation at Chelsea, as reports and rumors grow by the hour about Lampard’s future at the club. But, after the loss to Man City, it seems like things reached a boiling point. Thus, the question will be asked about whether Chelsea sack Lampard from the helm.

In this newest episode, I give a definitive answer to that. I’m not a diplomatic person, so I take a clear stand about this issue. Also, I look back at the fallout from the Southampton v Liverpool game in the Premier League.

Liverpool get humbled by the Saints!

The Alpine Klopp wins!!

It might look like an inconsequential Monday night game, but it was anything but inconsequential.

Liverpool entered this game on the back of two massive disappointments. Thus, they needed redemption against a very good Southampton side. However, things didn’t pan out as they wanted.

They conceded early in the 2nd minute, with a ridiculous defending on set piece, and the tone is set. Ralph Hassenhutl delivered a masterstroke in tactics as the “Alpine Klopp” against Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool seemed so repetitive, and thus ineffective. They managed their first shot on target in the 75th minute, which is a very telling stat. What this will mean for them going forward is unknown.

Frank Lampard in the hot seat!

He is in the hot seat!!

As reports keep intensifying, Frank Lampard’s time looks like coming to an end nearly. His latest result against Man City highlighted almost everything bad about Chelsea at the moment.

Lack of results, reported favoritism, and overall stubbornness are all potential reasons for why Chelsea are thinking about a new coach.

Should they sack Frank Lampard, there are a couple of options to consider, mainly Massimiliano Allegri as well as a couple of left field choices like Shevchenko and Hassenhutl.

Don’t worry though, i have a clear answer for the question “SHOULD CHELSEA SACK LAMPARD?!”

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