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Time to pick 5 teams that had a tremendous 2020

Enough with the gloom and doom, it’s time to pick the “5 teams that had a tremendous 2020”

If it was hard to pick the worst, then imagine how hard it will be to pick the best. The standards of 2020 make it hard to narrow down the list, but I have to do it. There’s a big difference between #1 and the rest of the list, which makes it even harder to rank them. Anyway, let’s get into the meat of the business and rank “5 Teams that had a tremendous 2020”.

Spoiler alert, you all know who #1 is.

5 – AC Milan

SERIE A - Le doublé de Zlatan n'a pas suffi : l'AC Milan tenu en échec par  la Roma (3-3) - Eurosport
The year of the “Rossonerri”

Kicking off our “5 teams who had a tremendous 2020”, is the side from Lombardia. The only reason that puts AC Milan as low as #5, is that they didn’t win any trophies. Aside from that, it has been a tremendous 2020 all around. In a year that saw the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan finally found its groove. Alongside a crop of exciting youngsters and a squad filled with potential, it seems like the “Rossoneri” are feeling their way back into the top.

Undefeated since the restart, AC Milan are on a 29-match unbeaten streak. This streak includes defeating Juventus, Inter, Napoli, and Lazio. Stefano Pioli managed to turn AC Milan into a serious contender for the Serie A title, which we couldn’t say before about the Milan outfit for a while. For sure, this is not the early 2000s AC Milan yet, but judging by 2020 it is a step in the right direction.

4 – PSG

LE SPIRO: This PSG are a real team
They can be a “real team” now!

My slight against PSG aside, this has been a great year for them. Winning the French treble (expectedly), they had to make it in Europe. They did it, in a way, by reaching the UCL final for the first time in their history. I can say whatever I want about the luck of the draw, but facts are facts. Even that “easy” draw wasn’t as simple as one might think. For 90 minutes, they were out from the competition against Atalanta, before making a historic comeback.

PSG showed character this year, which was absent before for all their talent and spending. Neymar felt like a proper player finally, and at least they earned the right measure of respect for their effort. The sacking of Thomas Tuchel might end the year on a damper for the Parisians, but the coming of Mauricio Pochettino should give them more motive to do it next year again.

3 – Sevilla

Sevilla beat Inter in thrilling 3-2 struggle to win Europa League
Europa League is their “yard”!

Onto the justified entries now, and the Europa League winners, Sevilla. As much as people want to underrate the EL, it’s a grueling competition. Sevilla didn’t just win it against anyone, but through the likes of AS Roma, Wolves, Manchester United, then Inter in a 3-2 thriller final. Put that aside, and they had a terrific domestic year too.

Yes, they might not be as close to the top two as they should. However, they were consistently exciting for the past 12 months. Under Julien Lopotegui, they found a rhythm, and a constant shape about them. There’s an argument to say that overall, they were more exciting than Barcelona or Real Madrid. In that, they are more enjoyable to watch. The sure thing in 2021, is that they won’t win the Europa League. But, isn’t it time they think of moving onto the next level??.

2 – Liverpool

CHAMPIONS! Liverpool's Premier League trophy lift - Flipboard
Finally, they “hacked” the PL!

You just can not script this, can you? The last time they won it, Maradona was still active, and the World Cup was still played with 16 teams only. It seemed for a moment during the year, that they won’t celebrate it. During the pandemic, a suggestion made the rounds to announce the season null and void. You can imagine how the Liverpool fans, long-life ones in particular, felt about this.

However, football was resumed, and they lifted their trophy. Liverpool didn’t just win the PL, they conquered it. At a certain point, it looked like they will go undefeated. That didn’t happen, but they conquered the PL nonetheless. Their results in other competitions, namely UCL, were mediocre to say the least. Yet, winning the most grueling and exhausting league in the world, in THAT way, is enough to guarantee this high place on the list.

1 – Bayern Munich

Kingsley Coman haunts PSG as Bayern claim sixth European Cup thanks to  Hansi Flick masterstroke
All Conquering Bavarians!

Time to round up “5 teams who had a tremendous 2020”.

As if anybody had doubts who #1 would be. If Bayern Munich aren’t top of every 2020 related “best” football lists, then something is wrong. They made 2020 their year big time. With 88% win ratio, Hansi Flick (he is the best manager, regardless of what FIFA thinks) just conquered every competition he was in.

Winning the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, and of course, storming through the Champions League. Bayern Munich were simply ruthless, and the problem is, some still argue that they were lucky. Let’s not get into numbers too much, but if anyone doesn’t believe that Bayern Munich were the best, they should go watch another sport. I can add nothing significant to what has been said about Bayern. In 2020, they ruled!.

That is it for our “5 teams that had a tremendous 2020”.

If you feel like debating this list, feel free to comment that below.

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