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Ajayi wins West Brom a point!

It is Liverpool 1-1 West Brom.

If you didn’t watch the match, you won’t believe the result. Liverpool simply put on one of the worst performances this season, for their standards. After a pretty strong start, ending with a goal from Mane in the 12th minute, everybody expected what’s next.

Any viewer would think that Liverpool will add more goals, but they didn’t. Their possession didn’t help them a lot, despite reaching a ridiculous 86% at some point. For all of their command, they didn’t bother Johnstone a lot. Sam Allardyce set up his side in a 4-5-1 that is clearly set to defend deep, and they did just that.

This was lifeless from Liverpool!

In the second half, West Brom threw their caution away and went forward. On the other hand, Liverpool couldn’t be more ineffective if they wanted to. As the game went on, the baggies took more advantage of Liverpool’s defense. Mid-way through, Klopp lost Matip to injury and brought on Rhys Williams.

Liverpool panicked even more as the game progressed, and their opponents started attacking more. Deservedly, they got a late equalizer thanks to Semi Ajayi. He scored another important away goal for them, after doing the same against Manchester City.

The rest of the game was a clear scenario of Liverpool scrambling to score a winner. Firmino almost did that, when he headed the ball at the 90th minute. However, Johnstone made a crucial save giving his side a vital point.

This was definitely Liverpool’s worst performance at home this season.

The scoreline reads, Liverpool 1-1 West Brom, if you can believe that.

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