Schalke's horrific 2020

5 Teams that had a horrible 2020 and failed to succeed!

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We covered the worst players, and also the best players in 2020. So it’s only fair that we do the same for clubs. Unfortunately, we have to get the worst out of the way first. Once Again this list is based on standards of those clubs, aside from #1 pick which has a bad 2020 regardless. Without further due, let’s get this miserable list of 5 teams who had a horrible 2020 over and done with.

Just brace yourselves for the gloom coming your way…

5 – Juventus

Juventus 2020/21 Season Preview: Strengths, Weaknesses, Key Man &  Prediction -
A horrible and unconvincing 2020!

Kicking off the list of 5 teams that had a horrible 2020, we start with the Scudetto winners Juventus. You might ask yourselves; but they were the Italian champions, why are they here?. Simply, they were average at best in that campaign, lucking it because of others’ inconsistency. Comparatively to other seasons, they felt constantly in danger of losing their title only for the likes of Lazio, Atalanta, and specially Inter to fall over themselves.

A lack of proper style and confusing tactical plan by Maurizio Sarri were the main characteristics of the season. Underwhelming in every possible regard, losing the cup, and eliminated by Olympique Lyonnais in the UCL, Juventus were actively declining each week as the season progressed post-restart. By the end of the season, Juventus felt like the worst version of that club since 2012. Plus, this was the year in which Paulo Dybala’s stock fell massively.

All in all, it wasn’t exactly the best year in a while for “The old lady”.

4 – Manchester City

50m defenders have got to defend better than that' - Richards slams Man City  back line after Leicester thrashing |
A horrible and below average 2020!

Remember the standards factor that defines this list? it comes really handy for this entry. Pep Guardiola has had some brilliant times domestically in England. He won everything there is to win, and in some times, running away with those trophies. However, just like the previous entry, they are judged by their Champions League achievements. Yet, like Juventus, they were eliminated by Lyonnais and Guardiola had to cope with another bottle job in Europe.

Unlike Juventus though, they didn’t keep their domestic ace position. In fact, you can argue that for large portions of the season, they fell behind Leicester City in the pecking order. Only winning the Carabao Cup, finishing the season in 2nd but 23 points behind Liverpool doesn’t scream “domination”. For all the spending, the hype and brilliant football they play, it was as underwhelming as ever for them.

Maybe buying another set of full-backs will help in 2021!.

3 – Olympique de Marseille

As the only team to win a Champions League in France, Olympique De Marseille still hold some serious value in European folklore. However, 2020 has not been kind to them for multiple reasons. The constant gap between them and PSG has only widened as of late, despite getting the odd win here and there against them.

The difference between 2020 and other years ,is their disappearance from the European fold. I know they were just ousted from the Champions League group stage, and that’s the point. For all their decent effort in Ligue 1, they still lag behind in terms of European presence. For a side that was in the Europa League Final just 2 years ago, this is unacceptable.

Add to that the constant on/off attempts at a financial takeover that did not materialize, and you would almost feel sorry for a side that really sits apart historically from the other French clubs. How the mighty have fallen!.

2 – Barcelona

Ligue des champions : le grand huit historique du Bayern face au Barça
It went all downhill from there!

The title “5 teams that had a horrible 2020” suits only few teams like Barcelona. The image above is THE defining moment in Barcelona’s 2020. In that, everything before it was alarming, and everything afterwards is a mess. Barcelona’s 2020 was a continuation of their slow, yet noticeable decline for a while. They started the year new coach that, literally, was brought from his farm to coach the club. Quique Setien was clueless, and too powerless to be a head coach for that ilk of club.

His weak character meant that things really messy, as the board started to fall out with Lionel Messi. The results were unconvincing, with Barcelona failing to win any trophy, and playing some of the most lifeless football since the heydays of TikiTaka. And then, the 8-2 happened. All signs were on the wall that Barcelona will not make it far in the CL. Everybody expected them to lose against Bayern, but not THAT way. It was horrendous to see someone in the status of Lionel Messi being helpless on the pitch.

The aftermath of that match resulted in a Lionel Messi v The board saga, that is frankly worthy of a multi-season netflix series. The constant legal tug of war between the two parts meant that Lionel eventually “convinced” to stay, and all Barcelona got was a grumpier captain. The coming of Ronald Koeman didn’t exactly help the situation, as he kicked Suarez out of the club and some of his tactics are baffling. Moreover, there is a financial dark cloud looming over the club as they head into the next election, which is not a good sign at all.

Hopefully, they pick themselves back again!.

1- Schalke 04!

Bundesliga: Schalke ′tearing themselves apart′ | Sports| German football  and major international sports news | DW | 18.12.2020
Schalke 04’s 2020 was “extra horrible”

It’s time to round up our 5 teams that had a horrible 2020. Objectively, Schalke 04 were the biggest side in Europe’s elite football to be hit by the effects of 2020. Conversely, they started the year in a much better position than where they are now. In January, they were in a touching distance from Champions League places. Now, to be fair, they started declining before the pandemic. The Royal blues didn’t exactly help themselves before the stop of football by any means.

Yet, when football returned, Schalke just picked up their bad form. Winless in 29 as I’m writing these lines, the Ruhr outfit are in a serious threat of relegation, being stalwarts of the Bundesliga for decades. Their performances are just as lifeless as empty stadiums, almost not resisting any drubbing coming their way. And of course, a major financial issue. The club’s actions to terminate some contracts for staff and players as they looked for cash reflected on the whole mood of the club. There were a good number of teams that had a horrible 2020, but Schalke 04 are definitely the top of that list.

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