Is Mauricio Pochettino the right guy for PSG??

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Mauricio Pochettino is going to be the next head coach at PSG. The Argentine manager is set to take over the club less than 24 hours after sacking Thomas Tuchel. As exciting as this sounds, questions should be asked, about whether is Mauricio Pochettino the right guy for PSG?

This, indeed, might be the start of a new era at PSG. Despite the very decent job (admittedly) done by Thomas Tuchel, his detractors are too much inside and outside the club.

The reasoning behind his sacking still has some gaps, that frankly won’t be solved anytime soon. The apparent explanation, as any corporate entity would tell you, is that he fell short of the objectives. Yet, if anyone pays a closer look it will be abundantly clear that there is more to it than that.

Though, we are not here to dwell too much on Tuchel, that might be for another piece. However, this article might explain the situation if you are interested in knowing.

Mauricio Pochettino is probably the only name suitable at this point

Pochettino feels like one of the last true proven coaches out there in the market. Aside from Massimiliano Allegri, and some left field choices, he seems like the perfect fit.

The guy was a former PSG defender in the early 2000’s, so he knows the club. However, the club has undergone a significant change since he left it in the summer of 2003.

Mauricio Pochettino's thoughts on PSG return revealed as Thomas Tuchel  sacked - Mirror Online
Pochettino in his playing days!

PSG has become a global power, turning into a major attraction mainly for the enormous finances pumped into it. Since the Qatari takeover in 2012, the club attracted several big names both as players and managers, particularly Carlo Ancelotti. Although his stint roughly lasted 18 months, it is still enough of a precedent to justify Pochettino’s signing.

OPINION | Why PSG must go for Mauricio Pochettino | Get French Football News
He made his name with Spurs!!

Moreover, the guy comes with a well-deserved reputation, reviving Tottenham in the last couple of seasons. His biggest achievement of course, reaching a UEFA Champions League final in 2019. He also put Spurs back in the title hunting picture in the Premier League once again. It looks like a match made in heaven for both sides, but the devil is in the details…

Is Mauricio Pochettino the right fit for this PSG side?

Video: Neymar Threads a Pass to Mbappé For PSG's 4th Goal Against  Galatasaray - PSG Talk
Big players come with bigger ego!

The first obstacle to whether Mauricio Pochettino is the right guy at PSG, is that their biggest aim is to win the UCL, . Clearly, the process for PSG’s board was to bring him under that pretext . And they are justified. Tottenham are relatively a lesser side than PSG (at least spending wise) and less bloated of a squad than them.

It makes sense to bring a “he’s been there” kind of manager, in order to give PSG that extra gear to go and actually win it. However, this puts much bigger expectations on him, because another UCL final won’t be satisfying. If he was to only reach a final and not win it, it will be a hell of a disappoinment for a side that just put themselves for real in the European conversation. In that regard, Mauricio Pochettino is definitlely the right guy.

In short, the status of PSG just won’t be satisfied with another disappointing season. Also, there is the TINY ISSUE of dealing with the likes of Neymar and Mbappe. Why is this an issue? Well, because it was for Thomas Tuchel. Managing a dressing room is hard on its own, let along having some of the best players there.

It would be hard for Pochettino trying to cope with them, because keeping those guys satisfied keeps the board satisfied too. That is why some rightfully can question whether he is indeed the right fit at this PSG side.

Anyway, we will wait and see how things will pan out.

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