Football Quiz: 20 Oldest Football Clubs in the World

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You probably know that football was invented in the second half of 19th century in England, but did you know that even 19 of the 20 Oldest Football Clubs in the World are from Great Britain?

Now, after we gave you a hint, it’s time to test your football knowledge and give us 20 answers. The answers don’t have to be by a particular order, you can give them randomly. Another hint we provided is the year of establishment for each club. All 20 were established in the space of just 13 years, which is another curiosity.

You have 5 minutes to give 20 correct answers, and remember, wrong answers will not bring you negative points :). It’s an extremely hard quiz to be honest, it;s going to take a lot of effort and knowledge to complete it. The important thing is to engage your brain, memory, and have fun!


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