Declan Rice will soon be West Ham captain and will not be sold cheap, says David Moyes

Declan Rice is next in line to become West Ham captain and will not be allowed to leave the club unless they are made an offer they cannot refuse, says David Moyes.

Rice was on the scoresheet as West Ham beat relegation-rivals Watford last week to all-but seal their Premier League status for next season.

Moyes expects the England midfielder to be the subject of plenty of attention during the transfer window but also believes the 21-year-old proved his commitment to the club when he signed a five-year deal in 2018.

“I am confident he will be here because he is under contract, but whatever club you are at, even the biggest clubs sell their best players at the right value,” said Moyes.

“My intention is not to sell Declan at all, my intention is to keep him.

“We can’t stop other clubs making offers but I’m guessing you [the media] will speculate, but the truth is we have had no offers for anybody. He is a really good player and I see him helping us, I hope that he sees what we are trying to add which will make him excited about being at West Ham.

“Declan was reassured when he signed a five-year contract, when you do that you decide you are committed to the club. If somebody then turns up and offers you a bundle of cash, that’s the club’s decision.

“I think Declan is the future captain of West Ham going forward. When Mark Noble comes to an end I think it will be Declan Rice. We have no intention of letting him go but if it does come it will need to be ‘Bank of England’ money.”


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