Adrian Wojnarowski Suspended Without Pay by ESPN After Email to Senator

ESPN has suspended NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski after he wrote “f–k you” in response to an email from Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s press office, per Ryan Glasspiegel of Outkick.

Wojnarowski has been suspended without pay, per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, who offered further details:

“ESPN declined comment, though their actions will likely become obvious this week when the ultra-prominent Wojnarowski is not on the air. The end point of Wojnarowski’s suspension, if that has been defined, is not yet known.”

The suspension occurred after Wojnarowski made the remark in reply to a press-release blast from Hawley, who said the NBA was “kowtowing to Beijing” and “refusing to support U.S. military and law enforcement.”

Wojnarowski’s comments were made public after Hawley tweeted the writer’s response Friday morning. The reporter later sent an apology:

ESPN also released a statement, per Bruce Haring of Deadline:

“This is completely unacceptable behavior and we do not condone it. It is inexcusable for anyone working for ESPN to respond in the way Adrian did to Senator Hawley. We are addressing it directly with Adrian and specifics of those conversations will remain internal.”

Hawley responded to that statement:

#FreeWoj immediately trended on Twitter following the newsbreak, with many people offering support of Wojnarowski, including Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter:

Marchand also offered further speculation, noting that “if Woj wasn’t Woj, I’m not sure he would only have gotten a suspension.” Wojnarowski is one of two primary NBA news breakers alongside Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic.

Marchand also wondered whether Wojnarowski could operate outside ESPN:

“For someone like Woj, because of direct to consumer opportunities, the employer-employee power dynamic has changed as individuals can go direct to consumer. Woj could build his own NBA insider business outside of ESPN. Easier inside ESPN/NBA bubble.”

Adrian Wojnarowski arrived at ESPN in 2017 after 10 years with Yahoo Sports, where he found himself following a decade with The Record (Bergen County, New Jersey).


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