NBA News: Kemba Walker Comments on Kyrie Irving and Reveals Best Hornets Teammate

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Kemba Walker joined the Boston Celtics in this summer’s NBA free agency after eight seasons with the Charlotte Hornets. He replaced Kyrie Irving who went to the Brooklyn Nets and now will become a new leader of the Celtics team. The Celtics experienced some changes this off-season, as they also lost center Al Horford who moved to the Philadelphia 76ers.

ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan conducted an interview with Kemba Walker, and the new Celtic answered to a few questions which concern Boston fans. When asked whether he considers himself as Kyrie Irving’s replacement, Walker said: “It’s fine, it’s ok.”

Kemba and Kyrie know each other outside the basketball floor, but Kemba didn’t speak to Kyrie prior to and after the move to the Celtics. “No I haven’t, I don’t talk to guys much you know when it comes to making decisions,” Walker stated.

The 29-year-old also talked about one Boston player who played a prominent role in his decision to move to TD Garden. It’s Jayson Tatum, and Walker likes Tatum’s character on both court and off the court. “I made my decision, a lot of was because of him,” Walker said.

Walker spent eight great years in the NBA with the Charlotte Hornets. It wasn’t easy for him to leave Charlotte and he spoke about his feelings after parting ways with the Hornets.

“I wouldn’t say disappointed, was I like a bit heartbroken? Yeah no question, I’ve been there for so long. That’s the only place I know but you know, I think as time went on I started to get more excited about change and a new situation,” Walker revealed.

Walker was eligible for a super-max contract with the Hornets, and he talked about what happened during the free agency. “It’s a lot of money, which they just didn’t have, which is fine. At the end of the day it is a business,” Walker added.

Even though he left the Hornets, Kemba Walker mentioned former teammate and the player who impacted his career. “But the guy who I have learned a lot lot lot from, many people might not even consider him as a leader is Marvin Williams. He’s been like the best to me,” Walker revealed.

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